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Southwestern Hotel Anyone?

Wow, did Table Mountain Inn in Golden, Colorado, leave a lasting impression on us! This place isn't your average hotel; it's a cozy retreat that oozes character and charm, with a Southwestern twist that's as unique as it is welcoming.

From the moment we stepped into the lobby, we knew we'd found somewhere special. The decor is a vibrant celebration of Southwestern spirit, with warm earth tones, rustic accents, and artwork that tells a story at every turn. It felt like walking into a world where every corner had a bit of magic.

Our rooms? Think comfort meets boho style, with a side of quirky. They were spacious, with beds so comfy we were tempted to sleep in every day. The fireplace in room, balconies, and view were the best part!

Eating at the Mexican restaurant on site was an experience all its own. This place served up dishes with tons of flavor. We recommend the roasted brussel sprouts, vegetable burritos, and guacamole and chips paired with their refreshing margaritas!

The location of the Inn is the cherry on top. Situated in the heart of Golden, it was the perfect base for our explorations. Everything from scenic hikes to quaint shops was just a stone's throw away. And the view of the surrounding mountains right on your balcony? Simply breathtaking.

It's a place that blends comfort, character, and a sense of adventure in a way that's truly one-of-a-kind.

For anyone looking for a place to stay that's out of the ordinary, with a warm atmosphere and a touch of Southwestern charm, we can't recommend Table Mountain Inn enough. It's not just a hotel; it's a destination that's sure to leave its mark on your heart.

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