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Stay at a Charming Historic Hotel in New Orleans, LA!

If you're looking for a historic hotel in New Orleans with a personal deck, consider the Voco St James Hotel. This iconic hotel has a rich history and offers views of the city. The personal deck allows you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans while having a private space to relax and unwind.

The hotel itself is known for its classic charm, elegant decor, and exceptional service. The front desk is very welcoming and helpful! They have a cafe in lobby to grab some coffee (offering French truck brand, a local favorite) and breakfast too! Recommended to order the avocado toast or yogurt parfait.

Additionally, the location is right by restaurants and bars you can easily walk to and their courtyard is filled with plenty of vibrant greenery near their mini pool. While the pool might be too small to swim in, it's nice to sit by to have some drinks. Overall, the Voco St James Hotel is a fantastic choice for a memorable stay in New Orleans. Who's going soon?

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