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Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the perfect wellness gifts to elevate the spirit and inspire self-care in our latest blog post. Unwrap joy and spread well-being this holiday season. Here's some fantastic gifts to consider and to

order soon to receive in time!

Sunny with a Chance of Flowers is a positive lifestyle wine created to make you feel good inside and out. It seems too good to be true, but Sunny is the real deal – ZERO sugar, 85 calories (per 5 oz serving), 9% alcohol and positively delicious! Sunny is made for mindful wine lovers at their family-owned winery in Monterey, California, and it is everything you want in a wine and more – certified sustainable, vegan and gluten-free. With Sunny wines, moderation has never tasted so good!


What makes All the Bitter a great gift for every home entertainer? Because they're made entirely without alcohol, they can be used in regular alcoholic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan (you use bitters for their flavor, not their alcohol content), and they double as an incredibly easy mocktail ingredient if you are hosting guests that don't drink. It's as simple as mixing a few dashes of bitters in sparkling water to create Bitters and Soda, a wonderfully refreshing cocktail with zero alcohol.

They can of course be added to more elaborate mocktails, as well, or used to flavor things like tonic, ginger beer, and even coffee or tea. The Aromatic bitters are our flagship, and what you would use in most classic cocktails, but we offer a discounted bundle with 4 bitters including Orange, Lavender, and New Orleans. We also have a small Travel Pack that makes a great stocking stuffer.


Experience an award-winning electric toothbrush! Most awarded brush of 2020. the iO 10 toothbrush has an interactive Color Display, Smart Modes, and Smart Pressure Sensor. This brush delivers a clean that WOWs.


Specially woven to be the perfect blend of brilliance and strength, our 25 momme silk pillowcases are made with our proprietary DiamondSilk™ which feels buttery soft and has a radiant sheen. All silk pillowcases are great for hair and skin health, but our silk pillowcase offers a smoother, shinier experience. Like all Celestial Silk products, the Diamond Edition silk pillowcases are made with Grade 6A 100% pure mulberry silk.  


Thrive Natural Care ReGen Discovery Kit! Introduce your loved ones to healthier and planet-friendly alternatives for their skin care needs with award-winning, plant-based, regenerative skincare empowered by a mission to leave it better. Thrive’s limited-edition holiday kit includes: Face Wash, Energy Scrub, and their Amazon best-selling Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm in festive Costa Rican-inspired holiday packaging. Full of antioxidants and soothing and restoring actives for healthier and well protected skin.


When anxiety takes over, words inspired by cognitive-behavioral therapy can remind us to return to the present moment. Presently bracelets are engraved with reminders inspired by CBT — the perfect gift for your anxious loved ones. Choose from six reminders and a variety of beaded and chain bracelet styles.


Elevate your mood, serenity, and atmospheric oasis with Wild Berry fragrant and affordable incense sticks! Made from all-natural ingredients, Wild Berry Incense is the most effective, clean way to freshen up your home aromas! Pride themselves in using higher quality, more lavish fragrances and putting a higher level of fragrance on each stick, in comparison to competitors. 


The Flux Cork Yoga Mat! Discover the Flux cork yoga mat, where comfort meets eco-friendly nature in your yoga practice. This mat gives you great grip and stability, perfect for all types of yoga. It gets even better when wet, so you can stay focused in any pose during hot yoga or invigorating flows.

The natural cork design looks beautiful and keeps you connected to the earth. It's comfortable too, cushioning your joints with dense natural rubber for a supported practice. Easy to clean and care for, this mat is both hygienic and hypoallergenic. Made from sustainably harvested, FSC™ Certified cork and natural rubber, the Flux cork yoga mat is as good for the planet as it is for your yoga. Experience the Flux difference – Start transforming your practice today!

EcoBlock Cork Yoga Block! Elevate your yoga practice with the EcoBlock, a premium cork yoga block designed for yogis seeking both sustainability and performance. Crafted from high-density, sustainably FSC™ certified harvested cork, the EcoBlock offers unparalleled stability and support for a wide range of yoga poses. Its natural cork material is not only eco-friendly but also boasts anti-microbial properties, ensuring a hygienic and safe practice environment.


Matrescence Skin products, the only natural skincare line developed specifically for every stage of motherhood, make the perfect gifts for any mom and mom-to-be who already has everything. These gift set ideas will make sure the special women in your life are properly pampered and provide them with the tools to create their own luxurious and easy self-care routine. That's a gift that will keep giving all year long.

Refining Body Scrub  & “Me Time” Soy Candle 

The perfect gift for the Mama who loves to unwind in luxury. Our lightly scented Me-Time Candle creates the ideal ambience for relaxation with subtle but uplifting top notes of bellflower, clove and persimmon, while the Refining Scrub lets Mama polish away her skin’s stressors for a nourished, revitalized glow. presents Vinci Hands-Free Citrus Juicer for the perfect start to a healthy morning, ideal for when recipes call for fresh juice, and perfect for crafting delicious cocktails at home.  The Hands-Free Juicer is the only countertop appliance of its kind featuring patented pressure-sensitive, rind-thickness detection technology that squeezes fresh juice without a mess in just 10 seconds, and eliminates the bitterness that comes with other juicers which often break the rind. Featuring a BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Juicer Bowl and a juice reservoir that holds up to 12 ounces. 


Step into the enchanting world of this Holiday Dog Treat Collection made with organic ingredients, Whether you're basking in the glow of Christmas lights, kindling the menorah's flames, or simply reveling in the winter wonderland, these dog treats are the perfect way to make this time even more magical. These treasures come elegantly packaged, ready to transform into delightful gifts for your beloved four-legged companions or the dog lovers in your life.


Looking to pack your bags for a vaca or getaway? Look no further than Alltimate and their stylish three-piece luggage set. Designed to ensure you look the part no matter where your travels take you, the carry-on includes a garment bag, duffle, and day pack that connect into one compact carry-on for up to 10 days of stress-free and wrinkle-free travel. 


Zip up and go with this bring-it-all head-turners! Its unique combination of materials and texture is a perfect combination of style and functionality. Its wide mouth opening allows easy secure access, and a drop-bottom compartment helps separate items for better makeup & toiletry item traveling. The Miami Thyme Organizers make traveling a breeze.


The Otter Spirit Intention Bracelets!

Moonstone Bracelet: Moonstone is the Guiding Light stone. Its ethereal energy enhances spiritual growth, feminine power, and emotional stability, making it a great ally for any new beginnings.

Sunstone Bracelet: Sunstone is the positivity stone. Its warm and joyful energy brings forth abundance, vitality, and personal power. It also promotes self-expression, motivation, and encourages a positive mindset.

Tiger's Eye Bracelet: Tiger's Eye is the animal strength stone. It wards off negative energies and instills a sense of groundedness. Tiger's Eye also enhances focus, clarity, and aids in manifesting your desires.


Step into the prestigious role of a French pastry chef. With The Cooking Gift Set French Tart Kit, learn how to master decadent tarts, from beautifully-baked tart shells to silky peaks of meringue. They also offer a variety of other kits for your bakers and foodies.


The French Market Bag No.2 from PILLOWPIA

This versatile and stylish bag, perfect for everything from market visits to beach outings, expands to accommodate your needs, blending vintage allure with practicality.

James Tissue Box Cover from PILLOWPIA -

Transform your tissue box into a stylish home accessory with their washable, casually elegant James Tissue Box Cover.


Lelior Le Bonaparte: the Le Bonaparte diffuser, a compact aromatherapy solution with powerful cold air diffusion technology, covering up to 250 sq ft. Crafted from durable materials, it's portable for use anywhere—commuting, running errands, or traveling. Versatile for both car and home use, creating a serene ambiance wherever you are.

Leilor Celui Room Spray: Presenting Celui, a luxurious room spray inspired by opulent hotel fragrances. Its blend creates a sensual, rugged atmosphere reminiscent of a mossy forest with underlying tones of eucalyptus leaves and cedarwood, transforming any room into a sensory retreat.

Leilor Aventadora Reed Diffuser: Aventadora taps into your favorite earthy aromas by commingling hints of pineapples, apples, bergamot, oakmoss, and even jasmine to bring nature to your living room.


Snailax Shiatsu Massage Chair is equipped with 8 upgraded flexible acupressure rollers to better fit the full back and body curves, providing a relaxing deep tissue massage for the entire back, with 3 massage areas: upper, lower and back to choose from. Featuring adjustable compression massage and vibrating seat massage, pressure support for hips and waist relieves your muscles and lets vibrations relax you. Multi-level adjustment.

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